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Whodating powered by vbulletin

The engraving says "Jacques Albert fils" and under this it has "Saxosolophone". ) of Eugne Albert, one, also called Eugne Albert, and one called Jacques Albert, who died about 1960 and was producing instruments in Brussells before the Second World War. He said: "The horn, based on features (or lack thereof), was probably manufactured between about 19.On this site (also in French) are dates for saxophone manufacturers, including Jacques Albert, Brussels, 1878, and Eugne Albert 1842. The overall manufacture looks similar to a bunch of French-made horns, primarily the A.

The guys in American Psycho were part of the 80s Wall Street greed-is-good culture.Aja Alexis Michelle Charlie Hides Eureka Farrah Moan Jaymes Mansfield Kimora Blac Nina Bo'Nina Brown Peppermint Sasha Velour Shea Couleé Trinity Taylor Valentina Meet the Queens: Is it just my idea or they are all very...Can anyone give me any information about this old alto sax? I've done some more searching on the Internet, and this is what I've been able to find: On this site (which is in French) is a discussion of Belgian clarinet makers, including Adolphe Sax, and there is a section on two descendents (sons? However, I sent some photos to Pete at he very kindly had a look at them.And on this page on the same site are adverts for Jacques Albert, Eugne Albert etc. According to Albert System clarinet was named after Eugene Albert, a pupil of Adolphe Sax. I look forward to going through all of these sights. It belonged to her grandfather, and was stored in an attick for something like 20 years. Sax horns and Pierret." Pete's advice was to get a hold of "The New Langwill Index of Musical Instrument Manufacturers" and look for further information about Jacques Albert there.It was very popular with the New Orleans players, including Bechet, Biggard and Dodds. I've taken it to one technician who dated it at about 1929, but knew nothing about the make. I'm going back to Britain tomorrow for a week, so I'll see if I can find a copy at a reference library.

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