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Andie had a difficult time with the breakup, but was eventually able to move on and now she no longer has any romantic feelings for Holden once she starts dating Dump Truck.

Because of this, their band reunites and Andie and Holden remain friends.

Liv is shown to care a lot for Andie proving it on several occasions such as when comforted Andie over her breakup with Holden and refused to enter into a relationship with him, knowing it would hurt Andie's feelings.

Andie is also shown to care a lot about Liv as when she realizes that Liv and Holden would make a better couple as they have everything in common and assured Liv that if she wanted to be with Holden she could.

This course offers 3 distinct components which provides students/Guides in training with the information and techniques necessary to assist newcomers in starting their 7-year deconditioning process.

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I didn't want to tell Veronika it was all her fault, but I had to. It didn't matter that she had little charcoal-colored, troublemaker eyes, that she'd just started hysterically crying on the bar or that I, a complete stranger, was suddenly the only thing standing between her and an aspirin binge. She was studying international affairs and casually dropped the word “decadent” into (if also sobbing) conversation. If you don't get this, you certainly don't understand people enough to manipulate them.