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They all tested as the same type (one that tends to be introverted), joined an online group for others who got the same result, and decided to meet up.Which explains why they’re meeting in an empty food court: It’s perfect for a group of people who like quietude.You often wait for your partner to make the first move.But you let your natural intellect shine through in the way you flirt with plenty of clever wordplay and games.Find your type in this list and see what YOU'RE like to date. Find everyone you know and tell me this isn't the most weirdly accurate thing ever.

When I heard the letters, I started imagining our points of tension—but then I stopped myself.When it comes to your romantic life, your propensity toward frank honesty and subsequent disregard for the more sentimental flirtations that come along with the dating game are your biggest weaknesses.You are by no means forward when it comes to the dating game.Moreover, people often get different results when they retake it.Research shows “that as many as three-quarters of test takers achieve a different personality type when tested again,” Annie Murphy Paul writes in Additionally, the test relies on all-or-none categories, even when spectrums might be more accurate.

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