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With that in mind, we tried to find as many instances of characters dressing up as Friday the 13th’s hero (yes, he the hero) in honor of Halloween.

No, virtually every game character not playing for the NHL who’s ever put on a hockey mask is doing it for one reason, and one reason only: to crib from Jason Voorhees. or perhaps you’d prefer a quickie feature cluttered with insipid images like this?No one knows what lies beneath the mask (other than the occasional mouth cannon), but if we had to guess, it’s probably a Koopa Troopa, which he was basically a sprite-swapped stand-in for once Japan reskinned a promotional game as Super Mario Bros. Speaking of Mario…In a far more blatant homage to Friday the 13th, Mario’s second outing on the Game Boy featured his most ghastly enemy to date!Mario Land 2’s spine-tingling Pumpkin Zone didn’t just contain the traditional Boos, but also the only appearance of the floating ga-ga-ga- Goombas, wayward spirits forced to forever roam and taunt Mario for the needless murders he’s committed throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.The last goalie ever to play a game without a mask was Andy Brown in 1974; since then it has not only become one of the most obvious rules in the NHL, but the goalie mask is now the most expressive way for a player to show off their personal style and flair.Designs range from interests they have to intimidating images of animals or creatures, but there is no doubting that the mask is one of the coolest aspects of the game.

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