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Men sex chat bulgaria

If you look at strength as a mere physical ability, men generally have an advantage over women. And, by and large, this trend continues through childhood into adulthood.

Recently, scientists found patterns of high blood pressure in adults from more ‘ghettoised’ communities.

And the patterns in longevity for men and women can be partly put down to societal differences.

Men are more likely, in most societies, to have dangerous jobs, as well as having more unhealthy diets and generally being reluctant to talk about problems or go to the doctors. The Guardian reports that a number of experts side with nature.

But, while that may be true on the whole, it doesn’t necessarily make them the stronger sex. But this female strength isn’t just something that keeps them alive in the latter stages. Infant mortality is higher in boys than girls, across the world. Boys are biologically weaker and more susceptible to most diseases.

Read on to see what science has to say on the matter. It’s possibly down to differences in how placenta reacts to sex, although nothing is concrete.

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It’s a question that’s often answered far too quickly, without much thought for the facts.

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