North korean leader dating

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It makes for a good read, but the idea of Kim Jong Un actually hosting a Western-style dating contest to find a husband for one of the most eligible women in North Korea seems iffy.

Ranges of years that begin before 1912 and end after it are also given in Christian calendar numbers only.The first nuclear test was conducted in 2006, and a Tuesday report from the Washington Post said the Defense Intelligence Agency believes the dynastic regime now has "up to 60 nuclear weapons" in its arsenal.If tabloid headlines are to be believed, North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un will host a matchmaking contest—modeled after dating game shows popular in the West—to marry off younger sister Kim Yo Jong.Nam’s face was smeared with chemical agent VX, which is classed as a weapon of mass destruction.North Korea has always refused to accept that the man was its leader’s half-brother, saying that he died of a heart attack.

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the more it will convince Kim Jong Un and the regime that they need to continue to pursue and augment their nuclear capabilities," said Reif.

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