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He was prominent as a manufacturer and still more so as a selling agent in New York City where he had offices in the Times Square Building. After finishing his college course he entered the employ of the Atlas Brick Co, of Hudson, N Y, of which his father was an officer, and later was appointed paymaster. He was a member of the Central Presbyterian Church of Haverstraw." The Bartlett Brothers are Fred W. Berlin was known throughout the northeast for brick making.

From there he handled the output of many yards along the river. As he was driving through the woods two miles south of Hudson, carrying a large sum of money to pay the employees of the company, Mr Fowler was attacked and shot by five highwaymen, others acting as signal men, and died two hours later at the Hudson Hospital, September 3,. The salary for an average worker was 1-2 dollars every 10 hours.While fleeing, he threw the contraband into the grass.He was quickly apprehended and 56 grams of heroin was located.The differences are all slight, although there's a bit of identity shorthand: Maryland is a blue state, and the MD counties around DC are very blue, despite their wealth (Montgomery, Howard, parts of Prince George's).Virginia is a red state, and although the VA counties around DC tend to be blue, the state is weighted heavily by its very red fellow citizens to the south. In this part of the country (the mid-Atlantic), people tend to be liberal pragmatists who prioritize fiscal responsibility equally with social services -- both out of necessity.

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He was charged with possession of marijuana and trafficking in drugs, both third-degree felonies. During interaction with the driver, troopers detected an odor of raw marijuana.